The most exciting, boring game ever!

By : Tom Zenner

The most exciting, boring game ever!

Houston fans have never been so excited about something so boring! For all the fireworks, tension, highlights, drama and stroke-inducing moments of the first six games of the World Series, Game 7 lacked all of that. The only thing it did have at the end that the other half dozen classics didn’t was a bunch of champagne being sprayed in the air and a trophy raised high to the sky. Oh, and a marriage proposal too. Nice job Carlos Correa. While the rest of his teammates were thinking about trying to get a World Series ring, he was figuring out the best way to get rid of a pretty nice engagement ring he had stashed somewhere. Did he have the ring box stuffed somewhere in the batters box? Brings new meaning to the phrase ‘baseball diamond’ I guess.

If you think about it, it’s fitting we have a proposal for the ages in this once-in-a lifetime World Series. The 2017 World Series literally had it all. Walk-off wins. Leads that were never safe. Terrible pitching, clutch hitting, great defense, fantastic ratings, and in the end, when it was Hollywood vs Houston; H-Town is back on top of the professional sports world.

It’s been an incredible three-month span for everybody in Houston. From the absolute worst of times for many people, to incredible moments of joy provided by a very special baseball team, filled with likeable players, that will never be forgotten in the city of Houston. What they did was more than win baseball games and come out on top in the World Series. They were part of the greatest comeback in sports history. No, not Game 5 at Minute Maid Park when they erased two 3-run deficits in the final home game of 2017. No, they helped a major American metropolis come back when times were the absolute toughest and hope seemed bleak. And the results will be felt and remembered forever.

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Tom Zenner is 15-year sports media veteran with a diverse background. He has written over 50 commemorative sports championship books and have sold over a million copies. To know more about Tom, follow him on Twitter! @tomzenner